Monday, May 17, 2021

3 top tips for losing the last 5 kilograms and winning the war on weight

I know what it is like to lose weight.  I have lost more than enough of it in my life over two occasions and understand what it takes to lose the first of many kilograms – but what about those last 5 kilograms or so that you want to shift?  I know that they are often the most difficult to lose and often women find themselves at a loss trying to shift the stubborn weight.  I also know that sometimes women are trying to morph themselves into someone they may not be when it comes to weight.  It’s alright to want to shift a bit of weight but be happy now while working at it in a way that brings you joy and not in a punishing way to be able to achieve what you want.  These are my 3 top tips for losing the last 5 kilograms:

  1. Lose the weight off your mind first.

    If you are obsessed with the scales and those 5 kilograms, maybe you need to throw away the scales or hide them for a while so you can learn to be more natural about your approach. I’m not one of those body positivity coaches who say to throw away scales for everyone as they can be helpful at times if you are using them in the right way.  When it comes to losing the weight off your mind, this is about losing the obsessiveness that comes often with weight loss and it is about making sure you are free in yourself, loving your body now and losing the weight from a place of freedom in your mind.  Try measurements with a tape measure also as that can be a great way to monitor your progress that is healthier for your mind.

    Maybe you don’t really want to lose that weight but think you should?  Maybe you want to but know without punishing yourself and starving yourself it may not be possible?  It’s alright to be alright with the way you are as long as you are healthy in terms of a good Health at Every Size (HAES) doctor.  It’s important to lose weight off your body for health reasons sometimes but not at the detriment of your mental health.  Be happy even if you never lost the weight.

  2. Change your program drastically while still doing things you love.

    Your body adapts to your exercise and eating plan and you may need to change things up drastically to be able to lose the last 5 kilograms. When I say drastically, don’t think I am saying to diet and exercise like a machine.  If your body has adapted, then those are things you may feel you need to do if you don’t change your program which is a very unhealthy approach.  If you do change your program, you may just find that is all you needed to achieve your goal and do it in a way that is not about punishing your body into submission and weight loss, but in a way that brings you joy still while doing things very differently.

    I have to say that you most likely may need some professional guidance to do this and know that changing things up, causes your body to have to work differently and harder and can cause you to shape up much faster.  Make sure you eat your macronutrient balance when dealing with your eating plan and don’t cut out food groups while understanding that there is more to losing weight such as the emotional aspects of the journey and this may be part of what you need to succeed.

  3. Do some resistance training.

    The size of a kilogram of fat to muscle is significantly smaller and you metabolise much faster and consistently when you are more toned.  It is still I believe believed by many women that resistance training and doing weights may make you bigger but that is a myth.  This is where you must use the scales correctly so seek professional guidance on how to use them to monitor fat percentage over kilograms and ensuring you are focused on the right thing – health over vanity.  Resistance training will make a very big difference to the way you feel, your body fat composition and also the way in which your body metabolises food.  It is important to avoid high protein, low carbohydrate diets that often come with weight training programs and opt for macronutrient balance including all of the food groups for optimum health and sustainable results.

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3 strategies to keep active during winter

In winter, it can be very tempting to stay rugged up on the couch and not exercise due to the weather and the cold.  So many people let their routine go and struggle to get out and exercise or eat well due to the want for warm comfort food.  What are you like when the winter months roll in?  Do you toughen up and keep at it or do you allow the chill to stop you from achieving or sustaining your goals?  It is very important to keep at it, not so much for your looks but for your health because the problem so many women face is that the summer months roll in and then come the quick fixes and diets to try to rectify what was done over the winter months.  I know this can be difficult for some while make sure you look after yourself and at least maintain your weight or lose if you want to for optimum health. These 3 strategies will assist you in staying on track:

  1. Adjust your training program to suit the weather.

    It is important to adjust your training program to suit the weather. If you don’t like going outside to exercise in the colder months, make sure you find ways to exercise indoors that bring you joy so you will not only stick to it but you will enjoy it.  By adjusting your program for the colder months, you may find you not only achieve more for the change of exercise, but you stick to your program because it’s more inviting.  Of course, if you like getting outside go for it if that brings you joy.  It can be challenging to adjust your program sometimes so make sure you know it may take time to adjust if you feel you need to while understanding that a change in your routine can sometimes be the very thing to trigger change in your results also.

  2. Focus on your goals while taking affirmative action.

    Many women only set their goals when summer is coming. That is not the case for Battle Babes.  We focus on our health all year round and by adjusting your program to suit the weather and focusing on your goals while taking action, you won’t be faced with weight gain over the winter months because you made sure you did what it takes to lose or sustain your weight for health reasons of course.  When you are focused on your goals and aren’t distracted by the temptations of winter food, wine and comfort, you are more able to feel productive and good about yourself and avoid the discomfort of gaining weight and losing fitness and having to turn it all around when summer is on its way.  Focus on your goals and take affirmative action to make sure you at least sustain your weight, if not smashing your goals for your commitment to your health.


  1. Employ a trainer to keep you accountable and on track.

    Let’s face it! Sometimes we just can’t seem to do things alone and all by ourselves.  It’s not a weakness to admit you need a bit of a push and to be held to account so make sure if you need to, you employ a trainer who can hold you to account and teach you some strategies to apply to your program in the winter months that are more comfortable, and you are more likely to do.  When you have that person to assist you, it really helps you to stay on track and avoid the rush to lose weight when summer comes while maintaining your fitness and health even in the colder times of year.

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Friday, May 14, 2021

3 ways to value your body just the way it is and overcome external opinions

I have to write about this because when I tell people about Battle Babes, the first thing they often do is look at my body as if it is a business card or means something about whether I am a success or not.  This is about body image ladies! I am the first to say that I am on the journey with you and although I have lost a lot of weight, I want to shift some more for health reasons but if it never came off me, I would still do Battle Babes because it is about mental fitness and adjusting your behaviours from there.  I want you to learn from me that you shouldn’t put things off for the way you look and if you are on the journey that is the first step. If I took the stares personally, I would maybe not value my body as much or I may not love my body as much as I do.  I want to impart upon you the ways to value your body, and that includes what you do to it while also the way you feel about it:

  1. Know you are just perfect the way you are.

    No matter what public opinion says, you must embrace and love your body now.  To one person you may be thin and to another you may not seem that depending on what they place their opinion of what thin is on.  For you to know that opinions are a dime a dozen, and they don’t really mean anything about you they mean something about the other people who are judging.   If you are struggling with your weight, just know that you are prefect the way you are and you can find ways to create the results you want without punishing yourself into them.

    When you know that you are just perfect and your body is not your business card, it is a precious commodity that needs to be looked after but your shape and size is not a depiction of your success in life – your success comes from your ability to love your body now and work toward your health working with your hormones, medications, mental health, lifestyle, children, partner, work and the endless list of things that can cause challenges.  You can love your body now and make sure you value it for the gift it is.

  2. Exercise and eat well while embodying for ultimate results.

    I know, you know this right! Now this doesn’t mean anything when it comes to other people’s opinions of you but just know that when you are looking after yourself, you feel better about yourself. When you embody, you are embracing and loving your body now and can feel your body and are deeply in love it.  Exercise and healthy food contribute to this while so does all types of movement like dancing.

    When you are embodied you are less likely to hate your body and more likely to disregard any comments or looks that may make you feel or think you may not be good enough.  I know this well because people often think because I have fitness in the title of Battle Babes, that I must be chiselled and sculpted but what about femininity, ageing and the fact that we are all on a journey and by eating well, exercising and embodying we are stronger in mind and body to be able to withstand the opinions of the world.

  1. Take action for you and not to please others.

    Taking action is a show of a sign of self-value when it comes to looking after yourself. This doesn’t mean obsessing and destroying your metabolism with diets and quick fixes, it means taking joyful actions that bring you a sense of peace while pushing yourself to get stronger and more resilient over time.  When you are taking action to please others, that is not sustainable as it is based on external motivation when we want to be intrinsically motivated from within.  If other people’s opinions are driving you only, you may find yourself in vanity and struggling with yo yo ing.  Of course, use negativity as fuel to feed your desire to succeed but look within for your motivation and find ways to take action for you and only you.

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3 things to be mindful of when joining a gym or employing a trainer

Often when you are joining a gym or employing a trainer it can be a daunting process.  Many women get caught out with memberships they don’t use or with trainers that aren’t right for them but get locked into programs that just don’t resonate or work for them. When you are setting out to find a gym and a trainer, make sure you consider what you want and what resonates with you over selling strategies or gimmicks that tick you into thinking you are getting more than what you want.  Of course, your results are in your hands but don’t go about joining gyms and employing trainers unless you do your due diligence.  Sometimes you need to just try things and that is fine but don’t go about wasting your good money on programs that don’t bring you joy.  These 3 things will assist you in choosing wisely and saving you some pain down the track:

  1. Ensure they conduct health screening, are qualified and check they are insured.
    Make sure the gym or trainer do proper health screening to make sure that you are alright to exercise. It is good practice for the fitness industry to do this and you can also at the same time set your goals together.  When you are setting out, it is important that the gym and trainer works with your ailments while also ensuring that the trainer is insured in the case something occurs which I would hope wouldn’t, but you never know.  It is basic professional practice to do a health screen, prove qualifications and insurance.
  2. Make sure they have a cancellation policy in case it doesn’t work out.
    Many gyms don’t have a cancellation policy but have a cooling off period while with a trainer, make sure that if you pay for your training up front which is common practice that they have a cancellation policy before you go paying your good money to them. Sometimes you may not be a match and you find out the hard way while I recommend locking yourself into a program and committing by paying for it, ensure you are certain before you go about paying for it because if you end up with someone who isn’t a match for you, you may find yourself unmotivated and struggling.  Be sure to check their policy and hold them to it if you need to.
  3. Choose an inspirational approach that brings you joy while knowing what you want.
    It is imperative you choose an inspirational approach that brings about a sense of joy and helps you remain committed. I know that it won’t feel joyful all of the time and it can be hard work sometimes but the basic feeling you get from your program is one where you want to keep going back.  When you know what you want and what brings you that joy, you are better able to choose your gym and trainer wisely while making sure that you put in 100% not blaming the trainer if you are the one who is not performing.  Also make sure you choose a gym and someone that inspires you to be better.  This is not so much about looks but it is about personalities and the environment you are training in while also.

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Thursday, May 13, 2021

3 ways to overcome a warped perception of your body

So many women look into the mirror and think they are fat or don’t look good because they are comparing themselves with an ideal image of a woman in their mind.  This can be damaging because thinking you are fat can lead to behaviours that are either extreme on each end of the scale of manifesting more weight or obsessive dieting.  It is important to acknowledge your reality and if you are unhealthy do something about it for the sake of your wellbeing while make sure you are not looking in the mirror and seeing something that is not really true.  In going through this, you might think that focusing on the fat on your body is a way to create enough pain to make you make change and that sometimes works for some women but it’s not a sustainable approach.  If you find you are struggling, make sure you seek professional help.  These 3 ways will help you overcome a warped view of your body:

  1. Learn to love your body now.

    I know I say this a lot, but I can’t re-iterate it enough. Life is too short to be wasting it on berating your body and self for the way you look.  It is too precious to spend your time missing opportunities or not wearing the clothes you want to wear and doing the things you want to do.  You can love your body now by making the simple choice to start now and to reframe your thoughts toward the positive for great results.  To love your body now, look into the mirror and literally say out loud ‘I love my body’.  Feel the feelings of love, notice what sounds you hear and what you say to yourself knowing you are loving your body now.

  2. Reframe your thoughts toward the positive.

    Success based on moving away from the pain of not being fat and berating yourself is most often not sustainable. Success that is toward or positive motivated is most often lasting and enables you to feel more joy about what you are doing.  When you reframe your thoughts toward the positive you reshape your thinking in a way that has you love your body now while working your way toward what you want from a nice and sustainable place.  If you built your success on the pain, if that pain goes away there often isn’t any driving force to be healthy so make sure you build your success from a place of grace and peace over your body.

  3. Take actions that make you feel good about yourself.

    You and I both know that you can look in the mirror before a workout and see something completely different to after a workout. The chemicals in the brain that activate your feel-good emotions from taking action can be the very thing that helps you be more toward and positive focused because the endorphins can literally make you see yourself differently sometimes even right away.  When you take action also, something happens to your confidence and your view of yourself while also knowing that you are perfect now and you can take some actions that make you feel even better.  Go for that walk, run or workout and eat the healthy foods to make you feel good about yourself and achieve what you want at the same time.

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Sunday, May 9, 2021

3 ways to set goals to achieve your outcomes

When it comes to setting goals, it is important to be realistic and if it is a weight loss goal you must factor in that you should lose no more than 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week.  This is the recommended healthy rate of weight loss that should be achievable without being on a diet and having to starve yourself.  In this mission make sure you know you are worthy of your achievements, know clearly what you want and get out there and take action toward what you want.  It is said that if you don’t know where you are going, you will fall into the plans of other people and flop around yourself unable to make clear and deceive decisions. With these 3 simple strategies, you are able to set a goal and start going about achieving it.

  1. Be clear and specific.

    When you set your goal, state very clearly what you want to achieve.  Make it something short and easy to remember so you can focus on it and hold it in your mind’s eye to be able to know that you are on track.  This will shape your choices and your decisions making you better able to achieve what you set out to do.  Specificity is essential when going about your daily routine as when you put the goal out there, you must be able to recite it and know that you are on track with what you decide to eat and your exercise for the results you deserve.

  2. Give your goal a deadline.

    Do this so you can have some pull toward it as if you don’t have a deadline, you might take a very long time to get there or not get there at all.  To set a deadline, you create a powerful commitment with yourself to achieve what you set out to do while knowing your own true power and ability to create through a specific and timed goal.  A deadline will help you to take action and consistently work toward what you want without putting undue pressure on yourself but having you accountable to yourself, others and your ultimate outcome.

  3. Associate into your success.

    This is where you feel the feelings of having it now, you see what you would see, hear what you would hear and listen to what you say to yourself knowing you achieved your goal.  When you do this, you are able to know what it is like to have achieved your goal and how good that feels.  By doing this, you are more likely to stick to it because this gives you a purpose for doing it.  While thinking about your purpose for achieving this goal, make sure you hold strong to that purpose and reason and know that you can love your body now and have pull toward your goals.

  4. A sample of a goal might be:

    It is 1 December 2021, and I am wearing my goal dress which is a size 8. I look into the mirror and see how amazing I look feeling happy, hearing myself congratulate myself for achieving this goal.

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Friday, May 7, 2021

3 ways to deal with a setback and get right back on track

It is often inevitable that you may find yourself setback.  Sometimes life gets in the way or you simply feel like you can’t be bothered and there can be an endless list of reasons why you might be setback.  The key is to not stay where you are but to take the setback as lessons about your behaviour and habits and move powerfully forward.  By doing this you can see that you are human, and you might have done things that may not be conducive to your health, but the main thing is that you get back on track.  Sometimes you might find that a setback leads to a spiral poor health habits.  The best thing to do is nip it in the bud before you are faced with a greater setback that may be more difficult to come back from.  These 3 keys will assist you in dealing with a setback and help you to move powerfully forward:

  1. Be powerful in your approach to a setback and don’t beat yourself up.

    Beating yourself up for a setback may only cause you to create more of what you don’t want.  Make sure you see your setback as a learning experience as mentioned, while ensuring you get right back on track with consistency in your health habits.  To do this you need to go easy on yourself and allow yourself to go through what you may be going through that has you setback while having clear goals and outcomes you are working toward that help you to stay focused and create the goals you want.

  2. Know you are human but make sure you get right back on track.

    By knowing you are human, you release the pressure you put on yourself while understanding and learning from your setback. Make sure you understand the reality of goals and that a plane doesn’t fly in a straight line to its destination and you most likely won’t achieve what you set out to without some obstacles coming up.  Of course, the less the better while knowing that things happen in life and what you do in a setback is crucial to your outcomes and the way you feel about yourself.

  3. Have an accountability buddy or a trainer who helps keep you on track.

    When you have accountability, you are more likely to not only get back on track but stay on track. You want to have someone who doesn’t put undue pressure on you that stresses you out, but you do want someone who you answer to who can hold you to account for your goals.  You might have a friend who you trust to hold you to account or a trainer who helps you to be committed. There is nothing wrong with relying sometimes on external factors such as these people to ensure you don’t spiral out of control, but you learn and grow to be able to be even more committed as a result of a setback.

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